How to Turnoff Spell Check in Lists

In MOSS 2007, we have used the jQuery to hide the Spelling in Lists (we can also handle this using Shared Services to disable)

In SharePoint 2010, we have set of FARM features. Spell Checking is one of them to disable at farm level.

Open Central Administration, Click on Farm Features under System Settings.

Deactivate the Spell Checking feature.

Now the Spell Check is not visible in lists.

4 comments to How to Turnoff Spell Check in Lists

  • Todd

    I’m having the opposite problem. It is activated at Farm Features, but does not show up in lists. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Hi,
    My problem is that I want to disable the spellcheck from only the people picker control in my page layout. I tried the excludeFromSpellCheck=”true” attribute,but it’s not working.
    I would be grateful if you can help me out.

  • Kapiljith Rajappan

    @ Todd : I was checking the same issue like your’s, but later i get to know that it was a design issue. I mean the items tools bar have 2 menu items 1) Edit 2) Editing Tools [a) Format Text b) Insert].By default the Editing tools tab will be visible, so if you want to see the spell check option you should click the Edit tab, you will find spell check control(After attachment control) there 🙂

    Kapiljith Rajappan

  • Damo

    +Gaurav Gat we are having this issue too. Just want to disable spell check on the people picker, its not needed.

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