MOSS 2007 Installation Error

Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s):
This product required ASP.NET v2.0 to be set to ‘Allow’ in the list of Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server Extensions. If it is not available in the list, re-install ASP.NET v2.0 Correct the issue(s) listed above and re-run setup.

If you are getting this error, even if you have ASP.Net 2.0 installed in your machine and ASP.Net 2.0 in not listed in web server extensions.
Start -> Programs -> Visual Studio 2005 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Command Prompt
Then Execute the following command
aspnet_Regiis /i

Then Open the IIS and allow ASP.Net 2.0 in web server extensions

Good Luck 🙂

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