Mobile / PocketPc Application Development in C#

Developing & Deploying Simple Project in Pocket Pc 2003 using .Net Compact Framework.

Open Visual Studio .Net Click File New Project.

Select Project Type in C# -> Smart Device -> Device Application

The Project will get opened with the Screen of PDA.
We can design the screen with PDA layout.

Now, I have Just added two Command buttons.

Double click the command button and write the actions for the button.

Select Build & Deploy option from the build menu to deploy the solution in Emulator.
If the device is physically connected with PC. The solution can be directly deployed in to the device.

Deploying the Solution to the Device

Now the solution will be automatically started in the application.

Click the Hello Button. The message box will be popped up.

Now we can verify the installation path in the file explorer.

This is a Start up Tutorial and You can Expect More from my Upcoming Posts…..

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