MOSS: Iterating through custom lists and returning filtered data to InfoPath

Business Scenario:

Provide a method that enables users to enter accurate purchase requisitions quickly.

Business problem:

The client does business with several hundred vendors.

Vendors are "type" specific. This means that a vendor sells computer equipment (e.g. Dell) or office supplies (e.g. Staples).

How do we enable end users who create purchase requisitions select a […]

MOSS: Observations on InfoPath debugging

InfoPath form server error messages are misleading.


During development of an InfoPath form, I would post it to MOSS server and access the form. The form would start to load and then generate a misleading error message pointing me to the windows event log for details. In fact, no message was written to the […]

MOSS: Updating a custom list

There are many good examples of updating custom lists via the SDK. Here is yet another.

Business problem: InfoPath form has been designed that enables users to enter online purchase requisitions. PO Requisition numbers should be traditional sequence based integer values and calculated automatically.

Business Solution: Create a custom MOSS list containing two columns: […]