Monthly Archives: February 2013

An Unexpectedly Awesome Team Building Exercise

I convened a team meeting here for the New York SharePoint team and at the last minute, for no particular reason, added a new agenda item:

Personal info exchange: I’m going to pull up google earth and each of us will tell the team where we were born and where we live today. I’ll map it real time. We’ll also do a quick rundown of our respective families. Feel free to create a fantasy family here but keep in mind that once you start lying about the family, you have to create successively elaborate lies and you will likely trip up at some point, so be prepared for that.

I thought this would take 20 minutes or so to do with nine people.  Instead, it took 90 minutes Smile, mainly because people spent significant amounts of time at different places around the globe.  It was a fascinating exercise and we surely learned a lot about each other.  I learned, finally, what people mean by “north” and “south” India.

If you can find the time in this busy and hectic days to do something like it, I heartily recommend it.


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