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Slalom Consulting–Boston SharePoint Leadership Needed

I joined Slalom consulting six months ago to the day and it’s been an incredible ride.  I plan to blog some more about that now that I am beginning to feel fairly solid.  Working here is like living in a fairy tale most of the time.  Smart people, interesting clients, solid support from management both local and corporate … the occasional libation … good stuff.

Our Boston office has just opened up and they are looking for a leader to launch their SharePoint practice.  It’s a very complex, full job with a lot of fun challenges.  You define offerings of interest to the local market, you roll up your sleeves and do real work and you hire folks to build up the best team you can manage.  I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

If you’re interested in this position or if you know anyone that might be interested, please fire off an email to me:

I am glad to share my candid experiences (both good and bad) here in New York.


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