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BPOS HR Demo / Case Study Video


[Updated 12/07/09 to use gigantic windows live icons since the links were broken.  Windows live doens’t know how to embed .wmv files that are hosted on sky drive, apparently.  Or, I can’t figure it out, which is maybe more likely.]

A few weeks ago, I was scanning through my twitter stream and noticed a tweet from the Microsoft BPOS team.   They were looking for volunteers to do live meetings that show-cased business solutions delivered via BPOS.  (They still are and if you’re interested in doing that, message me via live spaces and I’ll make an introduction).

In the course of preparing for the live meeting, I created two recorded sessions using Camtasia (a really terrific tool, BTW).

The first session is about 16 minutes long and focuses almost entirely on the business solution with very little discussion about technology.   Click this giagantic windlows live icon thing to download and view it:

The second session is a much longer at 32 minutes.  It is more detailed and has more technical background info.  Click this other gigantic windlows live icon thingie to view the longer recording:

The actual live session took place a few days ago.  I zipped through the presentation itself and as a result, there’s a good 20 to 30 minutes of relentless ( 🙂 ) Q&A that is a great complement to the videos I link above.  When I get the recorded meeting link, I’ll post that too.  I think that in combination, they provide a really good foundation for understanding BPOS and its current capabilities.

If you have any questions, contact information is in the presentation itself, so feel free to ping me via email.


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