Let Shining Examples Lead the Way to Increased SharePoint Adoption

My first “pure” BrightStarr blog entry was published today.  Here’s a teaser:

There’s been a lot of conversation on the Internets of late on the topic of SharePoint adoption and especially the lack thereof. No one wants to go to all the trouble of designing a farm and security infrastructure, participating in workshops, putting together a […]

“Access Denied” to Default.aspx on a SharePoint 2010 Sub Site

One of my clients went live with their SharePoint 2010 environment today.  We discovered that a certain group of users couldn’t access their default home page.  SharePoint responded with “Access Denied” and the usual “sign in as another user” or “request access” response. 

When we used the nifty “Check Access” function it confirmed that the […]

XSLT and jQuery Samples

I have been doing a lot of of XSLT and jQuery and thought I’d share a few snippets that others may find useful in future.

Example 1: Emit simple JavaScript / jQuery in XSLT:

<xsl:template match="something" xml:space="preserve">

  <!– Blank out the query friendly filters hidden field –>   <script type="text/javascript"> […]