Adding to the Lore: SSRS Tells Me “rsAccessDenied”, But … I Really DO Have Access

A few weeks back, I was working with my developer colleague on a project involving SQL Server Reporting Services plug-in for MOSS.  He was developing a web part that provides a fancy front-end to the report proper (the main feature being a clever lookup on a parameter with several thousand searchable values behind it).

This was working great in the development environment but in the user acceptance testing (UAT) environment, it wouldn’t work.  Firing up the debugger, we would see exception details like this:

The permissions granted to user ‘UAT_domain\mosssvc’ are insufficient for performing this operation.(rsAccessDenied).

If you do a live search on the above error, you find it’s quite common.  Scarily common.  The worst kind of common because it has many different potential root causes and everyone’s suggested solution "feels" right.  We probably tried them all.

In our case, the problem was that we had done a backup/restore of DEV to UAT.  Somewhere in the data, something was still referring to "DEV_domain" (instead of the updated "UAT_Domain").  We created a new site, added the web part and that solved our problem.

Hopefully this will save someone an hour or two down the line.


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