Adventures With iView Web Parts

I needed to do some minimal proving today that iView web parts can work in my client’s environment.  I’ve never worked with this slice of SharePoint before.

Microsoft has created a very high quality white paper on this subject.

The first obstacle I had to overcome was – where is the iView web part?  For some reason, my first thought was that I’d have to download it from a site somewhere, perhaps SAP’s site.  I had 1/2 convinced myself that iView web parts might even cost extra.  Of course, they are included with MOSS (I think Enterprise; that’s what I’m using here in any event).  I’ve seen the standard “add a web part” dialog box hundreds or more times and always glossed over it.  No more!

The next obstacle is that I can’t read instructions. 

I was using the web part and kept getting this annoying message:

No SAP servers are configured for this site.  Contact your administrator to configure trusted SAP servers.

The white paper clearly says to edit a configuration file located at file “<Drive Letter:>\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Config\TrustedSAPHosts.config”.  The first dozen times I looked at that, all I saw was “Program Files\…\Config” and I went straight away to the 12 hive.  Once I finally slowed down to read it, I realized my mistake and it was easy to fix. 

I continued on my merry way with SSO configuration.  It’s not all at clear to me if that worked, but that’s another story for another day.

Bottom line:

1. iView web parts are included out of the box with SharePoint (probably Enterprise).

2. The magic configuration file, “TrustedSAPHosts.config”, does not live in the 12 hive.


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