And Now For Something Completely Different, With Pictures!

My colleague, Anil Ferris, took a break from his endless lab building, breaking and rebuilding to write a gem of a blog post on Likability – and I’m not just calling it a gem because he fit in a great motorcycle reference.  He certainly gets lots of points for that, however.

This is a really interesting topic for the consulting class, so to speak.  Being liked is so, so very important to success generally.  At the same time, it’s very difficult for me, personally to turn my analytical eye inward and assess my habits and interactions with peers and customers and try to measure how “likable” I am.  I think it’s a challenge for most of us. 

I’ve been doing a lot of experiments lately – trying new food, wearing ear plugs to see if I sleep better, driving 55mph to see if it *really* saves gas … I’m going to take a stab at spending a week just focused entirely on likability and see what I notice about myself.  It might be worth trying out for yourself.

(The pictures are in Anil’s post, not here 🙂 )


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