Announcing the Microsoft Enterprise Search User Group

I’m very excited to announce that Natalya Voskresenskaya, my fellow SharePoint MVP and partner (with far less help from me than she deserved) is launching a new user group devoted to enterprise search based on Microsoft technology.  As a practical matter, this boils down to SP 2010 search and a lot of talk about FAST, especially in our first session.  Natalya and I have written a lot about FAST over the last year on our blogs (Natalya has more and better stuff than I!).

Our first meeting is coming up in just a few weeks in New York at Microsoft’s newly renovated offices on 6th near Rock Center.  If you’re in New York on 12/9, you have no excuse not to make an appearance.  Likewise for you Jersey people.  Connecticut people can stay home (just kidding!). 

NY/NJ/CT people should skip this paragraph.  We also plan to record the session and run a live web session so if you live outside the tri-state area, you should be able to tune in. 

I’ll blog about this some more as this most auspicious day approaches but register now.  After you register, the long wait begins.  During that time, clear your schedule, break the news to your family and alert the media because you won’t want to miss Nate Treloar launch our group to the moon and beyond 🙂

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