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I thought some people might be interested in my blog’s statistics.  You can use mine as a benchmark to compare your own.

I’m running my blog on windows live spaces.  They collect stats for me and I don’t know any way to control that.  It’s good as far as it goes, but it’s fairly limited in that I can’t do much actual analysis with it.  I’d love, for example, to be able to generate a listing of my most frequently hit posts but I can’t do that without a prohibitive manual process.  If someone knows better, please tell me.

Live spaces status tell me: total hits for the day, total hits for the week and total hits since day zero.  It also tells me what people did to get to my blog (e.g. google, MSDN forum link, etc).

In some ways, a "hit" is obvious. If you’re reading this sentence right now, you’ve almost certainly registered as a single hit.

RSS is a little confusing.  On one hand, I see individual RSS hits all day long.  But, I also see RSS "sweeps".  A sweep is when I see 20 or 30 RSS hits all within a one or two second window.  I assume these are automated things like google checking in on my site, maybe other people’s browsers … not sure.  They are definitely some kind of automated process.  I cannot tell, however, how many of my total hits are automated and how many have an actual human on the other side.  I would guess at least 100 hits per day are automated.

On to the numbers!

I wrote my first blog entry on July 27th, 2007.

I have written approximately 60 blog entries since then, more than 50 of which directly relate to SharePoint.

I started to keep track of of my hits in a spreadsheet on a daily basis at the end of September.

Monthly Starts:

First week of: Total Hits
October 1,234
November 2,162
December 3,071
January 2008 4,253


Total by Month

Month Total Hits
October 6,620
November 11,110
December 13,138


High Water Marks

Type Total Hits
Best Day 958
Best Week 4,253
Total Hits Since Day Zero 42,438

I’m interested in others’ stats.  If you care to share yours in the comments, please do!


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2 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. Marc Anderson
    Did you ever figure out a better way to look at your blog statistics?  I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now.  I know that some other blog platforms give some good tools for this.  Should Live Spaces catch up?  As a consultant in the Microsoft space, like you, I want to stick with Live Spaces if I can.
    p.s. I’m responsibile for some of those hits you see.  Keep up the good work!

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