BrightStarr US Looking for SharePoint Analyst

My company, BrightStarr, is looking for a SharePoint business analyst.  Our goal is to work with someone who:

  • Understands the platform very well
  • Has a good idea of what’s a smart SharePoint solution versus a cobbled together house of cards
  • Enjoys working directly clients, some of whom understand what SharePoint is all about and some who have just a vague notion that SharePoint could help them but not sure exactly how
  • Can write very well
  • Can communicate really well with a small team
  • Is good at and enjoys multi-tasking.  This is not a heavily process-driven environment (we have enough process to do things in an organized way, but we’re extremely fast on our feet, nimble and all that good stuff).

This is not a developer position although if you’re a consultant-developer looking to focus more or consulting and less on development, this could be a good step for you.

If you’re interested, ping me on twitter or email me!


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