Brilliant and detailed view of content management API

Stefan Goßner has put together a terrific 4-part series on the SharePoint Content and Deployment API here.  It offers a great overview and very good examples in code (C#). 

I first picked up this link from joris poelmans blog at

Even if you’re like me, in that you have not had to do much hands-on work for content management, this is well worth 20 minutes of your time to read. 

Using the API, one can:

  • Export and import content very easily.
  • Re-parent content.  If you want to export some content from a site "A" and send it to site "B" but in a totally new place in the hierarchy, this is possible.
  • Export content from a site A and import selected bits into site A.
  • Re-link content (meaning deal with all the hyperlinks).

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