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BPOS 2010 and “Superset”

I was reading one of these pretty generic blah-like articles on BPOS (Microsoft’s exchange and SharePoint in the cloud) and thankfully waded through to the end:

In terms of other near-term deliverables, Microsoft is commiting to provide in BPOS v.Next native PowerShell scripting via a PowerShell endpoint build on PowerShell Version 2. Authentication will be done through Online IDs, with a single credential being able to be used for both PowerShell and the portal.Keane echoed the message other Microsoft execs have been voicing at TechEd this week: Cloud capabilities, over time, will  become a superset of what is available on-premises. Currently, the reverse is true, and Microsoft’s Online services offer a subset of the functions available in the software equivalents of each product.

The notion that the cloud will provide more capability than on-premise is new to me. I wonder how true that is going to be in the end.  It feels counterintuitive to me.  I totally get the idea that a lot of companies will move stuff to the cloud (or start off in the cloud) but I normally think they do it because the pro’s (easier admin, SLAs, etc) far outweigh the cons (reduced functionality). 

I’m having a little bit of a hard time believing that cloud offerings will exceed on-prem capabilities.  Multi-tenant is hard and seems like it must force compromises in order to provide good SLA and ease of use…

I’ll probably be eating my words on this.  I remember thinking that no one could possibly need more than 650 mb of data and therefore, the CD was never going to be improved upon.


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