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Weekly Roundup – July 13, 2014

I for to xpost this here over the past weekend. 

Here’s the 3rd article in a series where I write about blog posts and online articles that were especially interesting to me in the last week or so.  This week’s entry in the series highlights two CodePlex projects for a potential InfoPath replacement and for managing permissions with SharePoint, news about satellites, yet another JavaScript framework and a nod to Ada Babbage and her role in computing history.

You can read it here:


Weekly Roundup – June 29 2014

I read a ton of stuff over the course of the week (one of the happy side effects of commuting into New York).  Some of the bits and pieces I pick up strike me as particularly interesting and I thought I’d start sharing them.

Last week’s roundup is up at the Big Apple site.

This week I highlighted articles including customizing search, doing clever things with jQuery tables, visualizing algorithms for an alternative way of understanding them, a trip down memory lane, a learning opportunity for women in the industry and lastly, news on immigration that affects many of us, directly or indirectly.

Hope you enjoy it!


Weekly Roundup – SharePoint, RWD, Meta Stuff & Harley

I wrote up a quick summary of some interesting SharePoint and related news and information relevant to us in the SharePoint community. Or at least mostly relevant :).

The four articles cover SharePoint, Responsive Web Design, a meta conversation about the proliferation of programming languages and, of course – the electric motorcycle from Harley!!!

I posted it over at Big Apple SharePoint. Check it out!