Content Query Web Part: Speaking at New York SharePoint Users Group

I will be speaking with my colleague, Natalya Voskresenskaya, at the New York SharePoint Users Group meeting Wednesday May 7th.

Thanks to Bob Fox for throwing our names into the hat and helping us get this opportunity!

Our overall topic is the Content Query Web Part and we hope to give some useful information to two distinct audiences:

  • Business users (non-developers): Show how CQWP can be configured to solve certain common business problems without any coding.
  • Developers: Show how CQWP can be extended to do some pretty interesting things that a business user wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing themselves.  This part of the presentation will help business users understand what’s possible using this web part so that they can provide better and more realistic requirements to their developer partners.

Here is the notice NYSPUG mailed out earlier this week:

"Using Content Query Web Part to Solve Business Problems".

MOSS 2007’s Content Query Web Part (CQWP) enables users to create custom views of data queried from many sources, and present that data in one place. Despite its powerful query & content refinement options, CQWP is often an underrated and overlooked feature. CQWP is both a "data extraction engine" (find documents or list items anywhere in a site collection) and also a first-class presentation tool that enables users to control how content is presented by wrapping HTML and styles to format the display nearly any way you wish.

In this demo-heavy session, they will show how to use the CQWP to solve business problems by showing off core features.

  • use default CWQP features, including audience targeting

  • use CWQP as a reporting tool anywhere in a site collection via filter criteria such as "all documents created today".

  • change look & feel of query results to highlight business data, show additional columns of information, display information in a grid format, and others.

  • show how CQWP can aid in content type administration (i.e. find all documents of a particular content type so as to understand potential impact of changing a CT definition).

  • describe some limitations of CQWP

  • provide a list of resources for advanced CQWP techniques, including blogs, ECQWP Codeplex project & MSDN documentation.


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