Create an Image Rotator in SharePoint Using jQuery

A while ago, I wrote an article for SharePoint Briefing ( that describes how to create an image rotator in SharePoint. Here’s a teaser:


Read the whole article here:


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3 thoughts on “Create an Image Rotator in SharePoint Using jQuery

  1. Christophe


    Now that you’ve migrated your blog, I finally get a chance to comment on this post 😉

    jQuery is so easy that it is tempting to overuse it, and it is the case in your post. I read:
    $(“#CatImage”).attr(“src”,”/jQuery/Cat%20Pictures/cat0″ + i + “.jpg”);
    “That one line represents dozens of painstaking plain-old JavaScript code lines”

    Actually, here is the equivalent in plain JavaScript:
    document.getElementById(“CatImage”).src=”/jQuery/Cat%20Pictures/cat0″ + i + “.jpg”;

    Yes, one line too, and no dependency on an external library.

    Note that I use jQuery myself to build image rotators, but for different reasons:
    – the ability to pull a list of image URLs using cross-browser AJAX
    – transition effects between images

    As a reference:
    – a demo of jQuery rotators:
    – my plain JavaScript rotator builder:

  2. Zaheer

    The only problem is that that i have to add similar image name like cat can you provide with better soution


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