Distracting Design and Drunk on the Feature Coolaid

My colleague, Lauren Jones (https://twitter.com/laurenjones02) wrote up an short article talking about how overly complex SP rollouts are very hard on end users.  It’s sort of obvious, in a way, but it’s easy for me to say that after I’ve orchestrated a LOT of complex rollouts of things to unprepared end users over the years.

Here’s the key ‘graph:

Five years ago, when I rolled out SharePoint to an organization for the first time with a primary goal of becoming the collaboration platform and replacing share drives, we also introduced social and news feeds through RSS, My Sites and Profiles, and folksonomy tagging. Needless to say, this was a lot for end users to adopt in one swoop. While there was success with adoption around document management and profiles, RSS and tagging was less successful and this was really due to the change management communication and training. We couldn’t do it all at once. Taking the less is more approach and releasing functionality in phases is easier for end users to accept and adopt to.

This article reminds of another bit I read by Kris Gale related to Yammer’s feature set, “The One Cost Engineers and Product Managers Don’t Consider.”

If you have a horror story or success story to share, I hope you’ll do that in comments over on the Big Apple site.


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