Governance and SharePoint Search – It’s Never Too Late to Start

I wrote an article (,289483,sid1_gci1345231_mem1,00.html#) for on governance as it relates to SharePoint Search.  It’s not in my usual "voice" but that’s editing for you 🙂

Here is how it starts:

Although nearly every aspect of SharePoint can benefit from a strong governance plan, MOSS 2007’s enterprise search functionality benefits most of all.

Like all parts of SharePoint, there is good news and bad news about governance. For many organizations, the bad news is that it’s extremely difficult to incorporate a governance plan where none existed.

But here’s the good news: You can quickly configure and improve on enterprise search at almost any time. And when you implement a governance plan for enterprise search, you can see immediate results.

One of the problems with SharePoint and governance is that companies often get knee deep into SharePoint with no governance plan and by then, there’s no easy path forward to solve it.  No so with Search.  Read the article to get my thoughts on that subject.


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