Implement a Global Pop-up Notification System

I wrote up an article for entitled “Implement a Global Pop-up Notification System.”  This function was implemented for a community college to communicate school closings due to snow and so forth. 

It uses a custom list, out of the box SharePoint web services and some jQuery to do the work.

Here’s a teaser:


Read the whole thing here:


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2 thoughts on “Implement a Global Pop-up Notification System

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  2. Dan

    hiya, paul great write up,,, We are hopefully going to use what you have done here but put a check on it. eg.. If a member of “Contractors Group” show pop up.. I was wondering if you could publish here your source as a txt or on the screen, as on spbreifing it is a picture and I really don’t want to re-type everythign 🙂 Call me lazy …


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