Large-scale MOSS Document Management Projects: 50k Per Day, 10 Million Total

This past week, someone asked a question about creating a SharePoint environment that would handle a pretty high volume of new documents (10,000 +/- in this case).  I don’t know much about this, but thanks to this white paper, I feel much better informed.

For me, this white paper is pretty much just a book mark at the moment, but I did start reading through it and thought I’d highlight my main take-away.  SharePoint can be scaled to handle, at a minimum, this load:

  • 50k new documents per day.
  • 10 million documents total.

I write the 50k/10MM figures because they are easy enough to remember.  As long as you know they are minimums, you won’t get into trouble.  The maximums are at least 10 percent higher than that and with extreme tuning, possibly a lot higher.

Thanks, Mike Walsh, once again for his weekly WSS FAQ updates and corrections post.  If you’re not subscribed to it, you should seriously think about doing it.


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One thought on “Large-scale MOSS Document Management Projects: 50k Per Day, 10 Million Total

  1. Dan Usher wrote:


    While I agree that SharePoint is highly scalable, the article to me really needs to be taken as a reminder that you must architect your system properly to give it a fighting chance of being able to scale.  I’ve seen several implementations that were not properly structured originally which required complete redesigns and data migration paths that were less than pleasant.

    So how’s this deal with the article that you’re mentioning?  More along the lines that yes, it’s entirely possible to add 50k new documents on a daily basis but the system has to be built properly to support such load from the beginning and not ad hocly thrown together.



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