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Mark Miller over at http://www.endusersharepoint.com has built, in my experience, the best end-user focused SharePoint site in the ‘sphere.  In the last month, he has enlisted some of the premier end-user focused bloggers around to contribute to the "front page" on a regular basis, including but not limited to Paul Culmsee, Chris Quick, and Dessie Lunsford.  He has others lined up and ready to contribute as their schedules allow.

I jumped on the chance to participate and my inaugural post is here.  I’m writing a series on how to use SharePoint Designer to create first-class business workflow solutions.  In keeping with the EUSP.com’s focus, those articles will always keep the End User front and center.

I personally tend to divide the SharePoint world into three broad groups:  SharePoint consultants, full-time SharePoint staff developers and end users.  When I write, I often ask myself, which of these groups might be interested in the subject?  Most often, I end up writing for the first two (technical) groups, mainly because I’m a consultant myself; it’s always easier and more authentic to write about those things with which you’re most familiar on a personal level. 

As I’ve noted before, the end user community is far, far larger than the technical community.  EUSP.com is top-notch and I heartily recommend it to all three groups.  The site’s laser focus is obviously valuable to end users.  However, we developers and consultants can only be better at our profession if we can understand and effectively respond to the needs of the end users we serve.  I know I need all the help I can get 🙂  Check it out.


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One thought on “Learning About End Users At www.EndUserSharePoint.com

  1. Bob Fox
    A fine site indeed but you fail to mention other resources out there as well such as Robert Bogues "SharePoint Shepard" which focuses directly on End User and the SharePoint Training Kit that MSFT put out a while back.   That too deals with End Users and Administrators alike and can be placed on a SharePoint Site as well as a download for users to look at on there individual desktops.
    Bob Fox [MVP SharePoint Server]

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