Managing InfoPath Views

I seem to go through InfoPath phases where, out of the blue, I’m crafting a bunch of forms.  My fingers learn how to use the tool well and then I go through nine month drought and have to learn it all over again. 

I’m in the middle of an InfoPath phase and I’m creating InfoPath forms with a lot of views. One thing you probably notice is that the InfoPath 2007 client shows views in alphabetical order.  This is a real nuisance some times.  My best technique these days is to prepend a number to the view name so that they always show in the order I want, as illustrated here:


I wish I had been doing this all along. 


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One thought on “Managing InfoPath Views

  1. Joshua Hoehne

    Great idea, but I haven’t used Views that much in InfoPath, how do they work and what can I use them for? @theTrainNDT


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