New Blogger on the Block

My EMC colleague, Erik Swenson, has been persuaded to jump in the fray, stand up and be counted ūüôā

He blogs about about a wide variety of SharePoint branding topics at¬† Some of his recent posts include interesting stuff about Photoshop, Microsoft Office Live for small business, SharePoint Governance, creating custom WCM styles and so forth.¬† He does not confine himself to branding.¬† It’s quite an interesting mix which is a little bit different from a lot of the SharePoint blogs with which I’m familiar.

His RSS feed is:

Check it out and give him a little encouragement.  We all need that from time to time, especially when we first really dive into this blogging world.


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One thought on “New Blogger on the Block

  1. Erik Swenson
    Hey thanks Paul/Everyone for the support. I have tons of things on my mind on what I want to blog about, so hopefully this will take some pressure off of my brain so that it can make room for new Ideas.
    Thanks again!
    Erik Swenson

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