NYC SharePoint Developers Group – Deep Tech Talk

A few weeks ago, I presented at the New York City SharePoint Developers Group meeting at the Microsoft office in Manhattan.  They meet every last Tuesday of the month.

I’ve been spending most of my time lately in my beloved New Jersey so I don’t get to go into the city as much as I like.  As a result, I think I made it to the first or second of this group’s meetings and then again at January’s meeting.  I missed all of the meetings in between (four or five of them probably).  It’s a new group.

I was really struck by the truly technical focus and high quality of the discussion, before, during and after my presentation.  We talked about a wide range of subjects relating to SharePoint and other Microsoft technology.

If you’re looking for a friendly place to get real techy, I highly recommend this group.


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2 thoughts on “NYC SharePoint Developers Group – Deep Tech Talk

  1. Apps4rent

    Picture of Apps4rent L
    Picture of Apps4rent L

    Apps4rent Lwrote:
    Hmm..The sound is good….. is it really helpful for SharePoint and other Microsoft technology knowledge?


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