Quick and Easy: Automatically Open InfoPath Form From SharePoint Designer Email

UPDATE: Madjur Ahuja points out this link from a newsgroup discussion: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms772417.aspx.  It’s pretty definitive.


We often want to embed hyperlinks to InfoPath forms in emails sent from SharePoint Designer workflows.  When users receive these emails, they can click on the link from the email and go directly to the InfoPath form.

This monster URL construction works for me:



Replace the bolded red text with the name of the form, as shown in the following screenshot:


Note that there is a lot of hard-coded path in that URL, as well as a URL-encoded component.  If this is too hard to translate to your specific situation, try turning on alerts for the form library.  Post a form and when you get the email, view the source of the email and you’ll see everything you need to include.

Astute readers may notice that the above email body also shows a link that directly accesses the task via a filtered view.  I plan to explain that in greater detail in a future post. 


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One thought on “Quick and Easy: Automatically Open InfoPath Form From SharePoint Designer Email

  1. Ashish Kanoongo
    How Can I format datetime field to date only field in emailbody?
    How can use if then else statement in email body? Let say for an boolean field value is ‘True’, I want to display ‘Yes’ otherwise ‘No’. Is this posible?
    As I am using FBA, so when I use createdby field, it is also showing aspsqlnetprovide name alongwith username, how can i remove this?
    Thanks in advance, please reply asap.

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