SharePoint 2010 KeywordQuery and Anonymous Users

I enabled anonymous access in my site to test out a search web part I’ve been developing and to no great surprise, it didn’t quite work.  Anonymous access is pretty much always a challenge for me.

In this case, the initial search wasn’t running for some reason.  I should say that it was running but it was not returning any results.  I’m using the KeywordQuery for that initial display.

I did a quick search and this blog post by “sowmyancs” came up fairly quickly: “SharePoint 2010 Search: not showing any results for anonymous users?”  That blog entry describes the problem from an out of the box keyword search perspective but the behavior was similar to mine – it worked for authenticated users and for anonymous users, but anonymous users got no results. 

I followed the instructions and bang!  It solved my issue.  I’m not sure what side effects this will have and they may prove to be a problem, but the short term result is helpful.

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