SharePoint Best Practices Conference Feb 2-4, 2009

I’ll be doing two presentations at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference this February in San Diego.

I haven’t been doing this thing long enough to get jaded by it, so every conference I attend is a, frankly, awesome.  However, I do think this conference is special.  There is zero marketing focus and the whole thing is about offering real-world practical advice on how to untangle some of the thorniest issues we face dealing with SharePoint.  It’s not gigantic, so all of the speakers are very accessible (at least when they are not putting out fires back home).  This means that in addition to the great formal presentations, you can have some great conversations and debates with virtually every speaker at almost any time, starting with communal breakfast up to late night imbibing at the hotel bar. 

Beyond the speakers, you’ll have great opportunities to build and cement networks of other SharePoint users in the community.  By the end of the last session and conference wrap-up, you’ll be energized and full of good ideas to bring back to work to help improve your SharePoint environment.

It’s well worth the investment.

The web site is top notch.  Check it out for dates, registration, topics and speakers.


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