SharePoint Saturday Baltimore Poll

I hesitate to pass this along given that “banjo jokes” is not an option, but … The end-of-August SharePoint Saturday (Baltimore edition) organizers have a poll up asking for suggested topics.  Go here to fill it out:

Vote early and vote often 🙂

But seriously, only vote once.


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2 thoughts on “SharePoint Saturday Baltimore Poll

  1. Glenn Johnson

    Hi Paul,
    I just subscribed to you blog on my Kindle, and tried it. On the Kindle, it’s horrible. I see the first 10 lines or so, and then get this […] which I can’t click on to see the rest. I also see some sort of link, but when I click, it takes me to the web, to doubleclick, your advertiser.
    I don’t want to see ads, especially if I am going to pay for the kindle subscription. Also, I want to be able to see the full post without needing to goto the web site.

    Sorry if the critique is harsh. If you give me something that is worth paying for, then we both win 😉
    I’m cancelling the 14day free trial, but if you can solve these issues, please send me an email.
    Glenn Johnson

    1. Paul Galvin Post author

      Hey, sorry about that. So far as I know, you’re the first person to ever do that 🙂

      I will try and figure out what’s happening.


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