SharePoint Shop Talk Recap (09/24/09 edition)

We finished our 8th SharePoint Shop Talk open Q&A session yesterday.  During that session, we covered the following topics:

  • How to send out a highly formatted email from a workflow created using SharePoint Designer.
  • Where to find information on the differences between SharePoint 2010 and especially Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (the free version of SharePoint). 
  • We discussed jQuery maintenance and management.  More specifically, “where should the jQuery go?”  We had a great discussion around this topic and one interesting new ideas (to me) is the idea of a content delivery network.   This bing search pulls up a lot of interesting data on the subject:
  • Someone mentioned that parts (or maybe even all) of the up-coming mega conference in Las Vegas in October will be broadcast over the internets.  Check out this site for more information:
  • We talked about RSS.  That discussion covered a lot of ground.  There’s a CodePlex project that does better RSS than what you get out of the box and has some good articles up by Laura Rogers on how to use DVWP to build really good RSS sessions.

That about covers it.  People seem to be getting a lot of help from these so we’ll keep them going.

In a burst of efficiency, I’ve already set up next week’s SharePoint Shop Talk session.  You can register here:

If you want to participate, fire off an email to, hit me up on twitter (@pagalvin) or leave a comment here.


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