SharePoint Shop Talk Thoughts and Reactions

We held our second “SharePoint Shop Talk” session yesterday and it was a lot of fun.  We had fewer attendees this time (mainly because our partner, ISSG, didn’t send out a big email invite to their customer base).  On the other hand, we had probably more than twice as many questions to answer.  We had so many, in fact, that we couldn’t get to all of them, so now we have a little bit of a head start on questions for next week’s Shop Talk session.  The questions and our responses touched on data view web parts, setting user region specific information programmatically, SharePoint designer workflows, crazy infrastructure question about Kerberos (that was probably a plant by Bob Fox) and jQuery.  Sadly, no banjo jokes, however.  Sigh…

We’ve registered the site, and we want start using that to do all the usual things, like announce the schedule of calls, put up the recordings of the sessions and the questions/answers themselves.  (don’t bother clicking the link as there isn’t any content there as yet).

On yesterday’s call, we had the original expert panel which included my Arcovis partners (Natalya Voskresenskaya and Harry Jones).  We added Laura Rogers of (and elsewhere) fame.  To top it all off, SharePoint MVP Bil Simser joined the call and we roped him into the discussion.  Bil even dusted off an old blog entry and updated it in response to one of the questions. 

If you’re interesting in participating as an “official” panel member, fire off an email to and let us know (I promise that that email address now works!) or DM me, Natalya or Harry via Twitter.

Thanks Bil and Laura!

That’s a lot of SharePoint firepower on the line ready to answer your questions as best we can. 

I’ll be posting details for the next SharePoint Talk Shop session on my blog and twitter. 


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