Solution: Compiling MOSS Audience Adds No New Members

Bottom line: if you want to use a profile property in a rule for creating audiences, the property must be visible to “everyone.”

I was working with a co-worker yesterday and he was building out a MOSS audience based on a custom user profile property in MOSS.  In this case, the audience property is named “SITECD” and by convention, stores a 3 character code. He had defined the audience and a rule that said that if “SITECD equals ‘ABG’”, then include that user profile in the audience.

He set up a single user profile with that value and compiled the audience, but MOSS simply wouldn’t add that user.  I noticed that the privacy setting for that profile was set to “me only” (the most restrictive form) and I remembered reading somewhere that property profiles used in rules must be visible by “everyone”.  He made that change and that solved the problem.

The really funny thing about this is that I “remembered” reading about this.  It was nagging at me this morning for some reason and I realized that I had written a chapter in this book, MOSS Explained: An Information Worker’s Deep Dive into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and that I covered this point in the very chapter I wrote :).  I would have thought that every word I wrote in that chapter would be seared into my memory.

Matt Morse writes this up in beautiful detail here and I referenced it in the chapter:

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