Tell me about your blog!

If you maintain a blog that is at least minimally connected to SharePoint, please let me know in comments.  I would love to add you to my blog list.

If you maintain a blog that is not connected to SharePoint but want me to add it anyway, let me know.  I’ll may create a separate blog list.

Please give:

  • Your blog URL (obviously)
  • A short description of your blog.

I want to keep the link to "active" blogs, which I’m roughly defining as one post per week and minimum three months old.  If you don’t meet that "requirement" add your name to comments anyway.  It’s *my* list so I can break my own rule if I want to.


27 thoughts on “Tell me about your blog!

  1. Brendan Horner
    Hi Paul,
    I’m not an avid updater of my blog yet (still trying to get it off the ground with a cache of posts). I am trying to use my blog for the things I stumble across in SharePoint, InfoPath, and other Office products and tech stuff. You’ve probably seen me bouncing around in the Stump the Panel on EndUserSharePoint trying to help. My blog is to provide out-of-the-box fixes as much as possible to SharePoint and InfoPath problems (primarily) and others as they come.

  2. Paul Galvin
    Your blog is refreshing.  I think that the perspective you bring is different from the many more coding-oriented blogs and is very necessary.  Thanks for posting!
  3. Paul Galvin
    Thanks for posting and it’s great to connect outside the forums.   Reading, trying to understand and repond to forum posts is one of my ways to try and learn WSS/MOSS better.  I heartily recommend it to everyone. 
    Great blog.  I’ve been meaning to write some kind of "getting started with MOSS" and your intro series is great. 
  4. Jeremy Thake
    My blog can be found at . I blog primarily around SharePoint focusing currently on Document/Records Management and Enterprise Social Networking. I’m part of the aggregate feed too.
  5. Paul Galvin
    Thanks for posting.  You must have some kind of aggregator at your site?  My vanity google alert points at your site every time I post a blog entry.
  6. Paul Galvin
    Gunnar, Thanks for posting.  I’ve added you to the list.  Interesting stuff there re: SharePoint calendars.
    –Paul Galvin
  7. No name

    Hi Paul,

    I have 2 blogs – Primary blog has SharePoint  + Other Tech bits -> and I have just started a blog dedicated to SharePoint Notes from the field.
    If you and other readers would like to join the SharePoint Knowledge Network (feedburner) to make one big SharePoint List, please email me  gmail dot com

  8. Michal Pisarek

    Hey Paul!

    I have recently started a new blog called SharePoint Analyst HQ which focuses on out of the box configuration for SharePoint 2010 and specifically in maximising the business value from the platform.
    A combination of business article, general SharePoint functionality overview without really getting deep into coding.
    If you are keen check it out at

  9. Jim Adcock

    Working It Out – My career in technology

    My blog is about my tech career, which means it covers career management (which a lot of us have had to think more about recently), SharePoint (since that is what I do), a little about social media (since SharePoint is social, moreso with SP2010, and IMHO social media can be an important career management tool), and occasionally other technical topice I find interesting.

    My SP topics cover a range: configuration, programming (I’ve been a bit heavy on that recently), and best practices/strategy/BA.


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