VPN Strikes Again, Slowing Me Down and Ruining My Beer

Tonight, I’m doing some hobby work with a virtual machine running on my desktop.  I’m connecting via IE on my laptop and I’m noticing horrible performance.  IE keeps freezing, especially when I access anything in the upper right hand corner that would cause a drop-down to, well, drop down.  I would click on Site Actions and things freeze up for a while.  They would freeze long enough for me to switch over to another browser window and do something else.  If I confine myself to navigating around from page to page, it’s reasonably quick, but even that feels slow.  Normally, things are very fast. 

I’ve had this happen to me before and I think that I ended up rebooting at the time.  I’m about to do that when I somehow notice I’m still VPN’d to a client from 2 days ago(!).  I disconnect and that that solves my performance problem.


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