Walk-through: Fix Employee Training Template Available Seats Unregister Bug

As many people know, the Employee Training template provided by Microsoft here has a bug that we can reproduce following these steps:

  • Create a class with a max size of 10 students.
  • Register –> Total available seats properly decrements by one.  Result: 9 available seats.
  • Unregister: –> Bug.  Total available seats should increment by one.  It does not.  Result: 9 available seats as per SharePoint, but in fact, there are 10 available seats.

Solution: Use SharePoint Designer to correct the workflow.

First, open up the site.  The folder list for me looks like this:


If we have a look at the "Attendee registration" workflow, we see that there is a step labeled "Enforce seating policy".  It looks like this:


This step in the workflow updates the item by incrementing the "Filled Seats" metadata column on the course.  If we pull that up in more detail, we see this:


That’s all the information we need to fix the unregistration workflow.

If we flip over to the unregistration workflow, there is no similar workflow step.  Add it as follows:

1: Expand "Attendee unregistration" and open up the XOML (see first screen shot if you’re lost).

2: Add a new workflow variable, "New Filled Seats" of type "Number".

3: Assign a value to "New Filled Seats" as shown:


4: Decrement the Filled Seats by 1:


5: Update the related Course item:


6: Make sure all the steps are in the right sequence.  For me, it looks like this:


7: Finish the workflow to re-build it.

8: Test.


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