Working with Azure Queues – “StorageException was unhandled”

I’ve been playing around with Azure queues for the last week or two and it’s been going smashingly.  Where were these things when I needed them back in 1990?

This article, in particular, is an excellent intro to queues for .NET programmers:  Using that article, I’ve been able to pull together a really nice bit of client-server logic that is so far reliable and just works with no grief.  Really – where was this stuff in 1990?

I did hit a small stumbling block right out of the gate, however.   As soon as I strayed from the specifics of the walk-through, I got hit with a StorageException and a “The remote server server returned an error (400) Bad Request.


It turned out that my queue name was off:


When I changed “OneQueueToRuleThemAll” to “onequeuetorulethemall” the StorageException went away.  I haven’t noticed any of the documentation calling this out but it may well do that.

Hope that helps someone.


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