Wouldn’t it be Cool if …

I was going through my huge pile of MSDN magazines to get my wife off my back for 30 seconds to make room for new MSDN magazines and I came across an older article about integrating MS Speech Server with workflow foundation and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to integrate all that with SharePoint?  It would be kind of neat to be able to say “Create site named [cool site] in site collection [papa bear]” into my cell phone and have it do that.  I can imagine an architecture where speech server hands off the commands to a workflow application that does all the work.  That’s very easy logic to implement on the server side of the fence.

On the UI, you’d have to do something to get it rolling.  I’d probably go to a “speech monitor” kind of SharePoint site that has some jQuery running that monitors a queue that is updated by the workflow application and shows, in real time, what’s happening. 

That would be a pretty crazy technology train right there.  Cell phone dialing up to speech server on some machine.  Workflows bridging the gap between Speech Server and SharePoint.  jQuery enhancing a plain Jane SharePoint UI. 

Is there any practical component to this?  Who knows.  Who cares?


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One thought on “Wouldn’t it be Cool if …

  1. Matthijs Hoekstra

    It’s simpeler to look at UCMA of the OCS R2 platform. Has speech in it as well, including some out of the box workflow activities.


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