Angular Fails to Bootstrap in IE9

I’ve been playing around with Angular.js for the last long while and for the life of me, I could NOT get my Angular apps to launch in IE9.  They all work fine in IE11 but IE9 would just show the curly braces and similar bits.

I searched around and couldn’t find anyone complaining about his problem.  It worked fine in Chrome, IE11, just not IE9.

I was thrown off by the fact that the IE console was giving me errors like this:

SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by res://ieframe.dll/forbidframing.htm

That error had me thinking there was some problem downloading the angular or other libraries that I needed.  As it turns out, this was not the issue.

By poking around the internets, I finally found out that the phrase I needed to search for was “bootstrap” and that it seemed like the bootstrapping was failing.  In the end, my problem was that I had decorated my <html> tag with the ng-app attribute, as in:

<html ng-app="MatrixApp">

Well, that didn’t work for IE9.  Instead, I wrapped all the rest of the HTML in the <body> inside a div and references MatrixApp that way.

Problem solved.

Hopefully this saves someone some grief.


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