Are Recruiters Getting a Little Aggressive?

Or is it just me?  I’ve received three or four calls at my house since late September looking for SharePoint work.  I’m used to the email solicitations, but these phone calls are a little unnerving.  I haven’t had an updated resume on a job site I(like Monster  pr Dice) since almost two years ago exactly.  And back then, my resume was all about BizTalk and MS CRM.  That’s the only place my phone number appears on line anywhere, so far as I know.


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7 thoughts on “Are Recruiters Getting a Little Aggressive?

  1. Paul Galvin
    (no name), you wrote:

    I’ve noticed you put this blog under the tag ‘consulting’. Do you think SharePoint works only exist in consulting industry?

    There isn’t anything special about the tag.  I could either create a new tag, use an existing tag or leave it blank.  I just grabbed consulting.  I didn’t know that anyone really paid attention to the tag 🙂  I don’t mean for it to be exclusive.

    –Paul G

  2. Henry Ong
    same here in California! I’ve been getting at least 2 emails and/or phone calls per week for the last 6 months. we should set up a consortium of SharePoint consultants to pass around work oppourtunities 🙂
  3. Becky Isserman

    The second I left Terracon and they had no means of contacting me, because they did not have my cell phone I have been fine.  They still harass me on my e-mail, blog, and linkedin accounts. 
    Never ever post on Monster or Dice you will get eaten alive.  I have friends who went with this strategy and they were bombarded.  I would just send my resumes in to whomever or find a recruiter.  They attack anyone with SharePoint in there resume.

  4. Jane
    I’ve noticed you put this blog under the tag ‘consulting’. Do you think SharePoint works only exist in consulting industry?
  5. Bjørn Furuknap wrote:
    Norway is crazy this year. I got three to four serious offers last year, but this year I haven’t gone below two per month. Some headhunters offer massive amounts of cash just to show up for an interview.
    So yeah, I think aggressive. Like a pitbull. In heat.
  6. Paul Galvin
    I don’t really think of it being a problem so much.  After all, I’d rather be getting calls soliciting my employment than the opposite 🙂
    I feel like there’s a bit of an up-tick, particularly with getting these calls at home.  I wonder what would happen if I actually wanted a new job, didn’t want to network for it, and went all out pushing my resume here at on Monster/Dice and other job sites?
  7. Kanwal wrote:

    I have experienced the same problem with recruiters and so have other SharePoint collegues. It will definitely slow down just not sure when.


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