Just When I’m About to Disable Comments …

They pull me back in!

Windows Live Spaces doesn’t do a good job protecting me from comment spam.  I assume MSFT has good spam detection, but that the spammers are better.  The fact remains, however, that I get far more spam comments than I get real comments and I was just thinking in the last week or so that I was going to disable comments.

However, today, I found two excellent comments in response to this post (about Limited Access) and this post (about limiting search to documents, as opposed to folders).  Those comments are so complementary (in that they add a lot of value to my post), I can’t see disabling comments and thereby closing off that avenue of useful information.  So, I’ve resigned myself to being a human spam catcher / cleaner.  Live spaces does provide a pretty decent way to clean up comments, but who wants to waste time doing that?


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2 thoughts on “Just When I’m About to Disable Comments …

  1. nowisee wrote:

    You are welcome.. 🙂 Have been struggling myself with search for a week or so, and the Sharepoint MVP blogs\twitter are great resources for other developers.


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