Social Computing Book for SharePoint 2007

In mid July, I was offered a chance to author two chapters for Brendon Schwartz’s and Matt Ranlett’s up-coming book, Social Computing with Microsoft SharePoint 2007: Implementing Applications for SharePoint to Enable Collaboration and Interaction in the Enterprise.  (I think they were trying to win a length contest with that title; I think they won).  I jumped on the opportunity and now, finally, the entire book is done, arriving at stores in February.

As SharePoint matures, publishers have begun to produce a new wave of books.  This book is part of that wave.  This wave builds upon the previous round of technical reference manuals explaining core features and functions and begins to describe how to use those features and functions to deliver business value in a very non-superficial way.  I’m not saying that is anything superficial about reference manuals or their value.   In fact, a book like this on Social Computing probably couldn’t have been written a year ago.  (Literally, of course it could have been written, but I don’t think the larger community would have been ready for it).  The new wave of books tends to assume the reader basically understands core features and instead describes how to use those core features in interesting new ways. 

As the title plainly says, this is a book about Social Computing.  Social Computing is a subject ripe for discussion and exploration and indeed, the discussion is well underway among early adopters.  Many companies are now quite comfortable with document libraries, content types, search, basic workflow, etc.  Having implemented and mastered these bread and butter features, they are ready for the next level.  This book offers insights and strategies to do that and thereby, exploit new and interesting opportunities that Social Computing brings to the world.

Social Computing is a big and evolving subject and covers a lot off things, including blogs, wikis, social tagging, search, interactive media, mashups, "people," and other socially-oriented "stuff."  SharePoint has a very strong story to tell in this arena and now, at this time in Internet & SharePoint history, is the time to tell it.  All things being equal between companies, those that successfully leverage Social Computing will outpace and outgrow those that do not.  The train is getting ready to leave the station and you don’t want to miss it!  This book is your ticket for a seat on that train 🙂

Bottom line, this is a blog entry pitching the book.   It’s due out in February.  Pre-order it here: Social Computing with Microsoft SharePoint 2007: Implementing Applications for SharePoint to Enable Collaboration and Interaction in the Enterprise

(Full disclosure — there’s no royalty money in it for me if you choose to buy the book, so this isn’t an effort to boost my savings account, though if it sells well, it will help out my ego, which always wants more, more, more!)

As an aside, but very important aside, I thank Bob Fox for connecting me with Brendon.  And naturally, I thank Brendon and Matt for taking a chance on a newbie such as myself and letting me author chapters in their very important book!


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3 thoughts on “Social Computing Book for SharePoint 2007

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  2. Mike Walsh wrote:

    Hi paul,

    They fail if they were really going for the longest name. I’ve just added this German Language book to my List of SharePoint 2007 and related books

    "Sichere Messaging-Infrastruktur mit Microsoft Forefront: Integration der Forefront-Produkte in Ihre vorhandene IT-Infrastruktur, vereinfachte Bereitstellung … für Exchange Server und SharePoint".

    As you can see even that title has been shorted by Amazon


    Also come to think of it there was also a long English language book that I have had listed for quite a while …

    "Administrator’s Guide to Microsoft Office 2007 Servers: Forms Server 2007, Groove Server 2007, Live Communications Server 2007, PerformancePoint Server 2007, Project Portfolio Server 2007, Project Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 for Search"

    again Amazon US has a slightly shorter version



  3. Matthew S Ranlett
    Paul – you were great to work with on this book and I’m looking forward to working with you again.  This project is really exciting and I think the book, with your excellent contributions, is extremely well positioned to give a lot of people a lot of great ideas.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

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