Backup-SPSite cmdlet Silently Fails When Executed with Wrong Permissions

I was on a server and running a boring site collection backup command with the Backup-SPSite powershell cmdlet and got the following error:

Backup-SPSite : Cannot find an SPSite object with Id or URL: …  (full message below)


I’ve had issues with this server so it made me think that the server was sick or something.  I switched over to good old stsadm and this time I got a different error:

This operation can be performed only on a computer that is joined to a server farm … (full message below)


Of course, it it on the farm and all that, but it did occur to me that I was logged in with my own account and I normally log in as a system account onto this server.  I did that and the backup succeeded.  What I find interesting is that the cmdlet gave me a security trimmed error message.  That’s kind of neat but didn’t help me much :) 


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2 thoughts on “Backup-SPSite cmdlet Silently Fails When Executed with Wrong Permissions

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  2. Snehal H Rana

    I am logged in as Farm Admin account with correct permissions. I still get this error message while running the backup command. I have also checked the permissions for this account on the content database without any luck.

    Any other suggestions


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