Straight to Jail List – Cisco VPN Client

Last summer, I created a “straight to jail” list for the refrigerator.  #1 on the list is Lawrence O’Donnell (for inaccurate predictions), but that’s way beyond the scope of this blog :)  Today, I’m adding Cisco’s VPN client to the list, and that’s in scope by a nose.

A bunch of years ago many of clients used Cisco VPN to enable remote access to their site.  Back then, I created virtual PCs for each of these clients and installed Cisco on that? Why?  Because Cisco locks your machine up so that you can’t even browse local network printers, let alone dangerous tools like Skype, Communicator and the “~” key.  But,  if you install it on a VM, your VM is locked down but not your host. 

I’m reminded of those glory days today because I have to use a Cisco VPN client *again* and it locks me and I have to use it in a minute.  I’d rather blog about how much Cisco VPN client deserves to be in jail rather than use it…


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