Cloud Computing, Emphasizing SharePoint

In lieu of a SharePoint Shop Talk session this Thursday, my partners and I at Arcovis are teaming up with Cloud Strategies and Integrated Systems and Services Group to give what I hope will be an interesting presentation on Microsoft’s online services, focusing on the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).  Arcovis actually uses BPOS for its internal SharePoint portal so we have some hands on experience and the kind of experience borne of daily use.  In fact, the demo itself is running in our very own BPOS environment.

You can read all the gory sales details here but the main points are:

  • The Cloud Computing Value Proposition: When to Consider Moving to the Cloud
  • Microsoft’s Online Services: Business Productivity Online Suite Overview
  • SharePoint™ Online Spotlight
  • Live Demonstration: Empowering your Business using SharePoint Online
  • How to Get Started with Cloud Computing

    I’ll be giving the live demo and I think it should be interesting in its own right, divorced of the whole cloud / online thing.  I’m going to describe a very common business process, the famous New Hire / On-boarding process.  I’ll demonstrate a solution that uses SharePoint to implement that process.  The demo will include notifications, a dashboard and just generally cool visibility to what’s going on with new hires.

    I’ve personally implemented this solution for three separate companies, so I know it’s a pretty common process that people like to automate using SharePoint.   With luck, Arcovis will be using this ourselves soon enough 🙂

    So, if you’ve had any interest in cloud computing from a very practical SharePoint point of view, this webinar is just what you need to do this Thursday 🙂

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