Griping about Windows Live Comment Control

I picked windows live spaces back in July of 2007 as my blogging platform.  For the most part, I don’t have any regrets and Microsoft certainly extends it over time (though I mainly find out about new features by accident).

My biggest complaint right now is blog spam.  This person / account ( (among others) frequently adds a lot of spam comments to my blog in the form of comments.  MSFT added a nice feature to show “recent comments” so at least I can fairly quickly identify them (whereas before, I had to go into each blog entry separately) and clean them up.  It’s still time consuming.

I wish that:

  1. MSFT would put some better filtering for spam.
  2. That I could block specific people from adding comments.
  3. Failing the above, I could more easily identify and delete spam.  Right now, I need to do it comment by comment and it’s slow, especially when some spam robot person/program adds 25 to 50 comments in one session.

If you’re a windows live user and have some useful tricks to share, I’d be grateful.


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