Bamboo Calendar Interacting with SharePoint Causes “An unexpected error occurred”

Today, I’ve been working in an environment that uses a Bamboo calendar web part for some improved collaboration.  This a standard medium/small farm with two load balanced WFEs, a “application server” for indexing and InfoPath and a clustered SQL back end.

The client installed some disaster recovery software onto one of the WFEs and that resulted in a broken WFE for a specific site in the site collection.  Whenever load balancing pointed at the affected WFE and that site, users saw a largely blank white screen with the sentence “An unexpected error occurred”.  No other info showed, just that sentence.

They asked me to look at it.  I easily reproduced the problem and then added a ?contents=1 to the end of the URL.  This is how I learned they were using the Bamboo web part.  I went back to the page and now, suddenly, it showed me a nice orderly error message:



I don’t know what was happening or what I did to get the controlled error message to display other than appending the ?contents=1 bit of the query string. 

This is probably a very rare edge case but if you get that message, “An unexpected error occurred” go ahead and add ?contents=1 to the query string and see where that leads.


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One thought on “Bamboo Calendar Interacting with SharePoint Causes “An unexpected error occurred”

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    Sorry for the delay, but I just came across this post over the weekend. Hopefully everything has been taken care of before now.

    I checked with our Support Team and was told that the error message is just a notification that the product does not have a valid license. Either the product was never activated with a valid license key – or that key is now missing/invalid (possibly due to a server hardware change?). We disable the Web Part functionality in this circumstance but it does not do anything other than display the message. There is nothing in our code that would cause the entire page to not display due to a license error. The only circumstance we have ever seen happening is if they are using some other software that utilizes the same licensing software that our products use. (We know of a disaster recovery solution that does this.) Bamboo Support ( can work with your customer directly or through you to see if this is the case.

    Chris Dooley
    Bamboo Solutions


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