MVP Again

Microsoft re-awarded me with SharePoint MVP on July 1st this year and it’s no less exciting than it was the first time four years ago.

The SharePoint community is just an amazing place.  I remember when I was first introduced to SharePoint by my old employer, Conchango.  I was not happy about it Smile.  I had been living in a BizTalk world for a year or two leading up to my job there and before that, worked in another insular world of people and companies that made a living off of Progress Software.  I say “insular” because the SharePoint world is anything but!

I’m continually glad and excited to be part of this bizarre online community of people that feel strangely compelled to blog endlessly, give up their Saturdays for free conferences, haunt online forums, build all kinds of whacked out free products to put up on CodePlex and a myriad of other community efforts of all shapes and sizes. 

I don’t know what it is about this product that inspires such volunteerism and immersion, but I hope it never changes.


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