Quick and Simple: Provision a Web Site Using SharePoint Object Model In C#

I tried searching for a little snippet code that would show how I can create a new SPWeb in a site collection.  I didn’t find it as quickly or easily as I expected so I thought I’d slap together a little entry on the subject.

This code creates a new Wiki site:

 SPSite siteCollection;

    siteCollection = new SPSite("http://conchang-o9l8qi");

    SPWeb w = siteCollection.OpenWeb();

    w.Webs.Add("xyzzy", "xyzzy Title",
        "xyzzy description", 1033, SPWebTemplate.WebTemplateWIKI, false, false);

My initial searches failed because I was looking for phrases like "provision a web site using sharepoint object model" and the like. 

If you search for "Webs.Add()", you’ll find a number of very useful blog entries, MSDN articles and SDK documentation that go into depth on this subject.  I definitely recommend this site.


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3 thoughts on “Quick and Simple: Provision a Web Site Using SharePoint Object Model In C#

  1. Rebecca Isserman
    I did this last year.  I will say it was a lot easier to find resources last year.  This year with more devs blogging it’s getting to be an information bog down.  It has it’s good and bad qualities.  We have more about stuff we didn’t know about last year, but we also have way too much on the same thing sometimes.  There is a book by Todd Bleeker:
    It has some stuff about provisioning and hitting the object model a bit.  I would say it’s one of the best books with information about the Object Model.
  2. Tobias Zimmergren
    Don’t forget about disposing the objects after you’re done with them. Tends to get quite a resource hog if one has many custom application where one doesn’t take the disposal of objects into consideration, especially if there’s a lot of concurrent users.
    This MSDN article describes the disposal of objects rather well, and takes up some examples of where the resources tend to run low if you forget about disposals 🙂
    I usually do like;
    using(SPSite someSite = new SPSite(http://litware.inc/)){
       //Do stuff here
  3. No name
    WSS SDK contains plenty of examples. Thinking in the terms of SharePoint object model really helps I have found out. As Sites are stored under a Site Collection you would look for a property of SPSite which contains the sites (SPSite.AllWebs). As this property is a collection of type SPWebCollection you would go there and found out the various versions of the Add method including the code snippet.

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